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The Perfect Body Shape/Size?

Last weekend was my housemates birthday night out, we were discussing what we were going to wear and as usual we both came back with we have NOTHING to wear!!!! So we decided to raid each others wardrobes to see what we could borrow off each other, although I’m taller, we are roughly the same size waist hips etc or so we thought...

Out of her 3 wardrobes yes you read that correct 3 wardrobes all that fitted me was 2 tops and 1 pair of trousers, we have never laughed so much as we did watching me trying to fit into her clothes, skirts were indecent on me ( I have to buy bigger sizes so I can pull them down to my hips so that they are a decent length) trousers I struggled to get over my calves(I knew my calves were big but didn’t think they were so big I couldn’t fit a size 10 and size 12 trousers over them ). Once the laughter had stopped it made us realise that everyone is different.

I have always trained in someway or another, I played Netball 3 times a week whilst at school, then I started the gym (not my favourite activity) and now I teach Pilates which I LOVE and I also lift weights hence the slightly larger thighs and bigger bum. In my opinion the two work perfectly together, the Pilates strengthens my core and works on lengthen my muscles, the weights (Crossfit) get me stronger and makes me do cardio (used to love but now hate). If I just did my Pilates I would be smaller and fit into my housemates trousers but I wouldn’t be able to back squat,deadlift, front squat, or do muscle ups (hahahaha those I can’t do, but i’m practising).

We have to do what makes us happy and healthy as there is no perfect size or shape, remember genetics has a lot to do with these things. Don’t listen to what the media says or follow the latest trend, although did you know strong is the new skinny!!!  Do what you enjoy and be happy with your body as long as your healthy  the only person you need to please is yourself!

Now I just need to find clothes that fit the strong is the new skinny body, the fashion world needs to cater for the girl who likes to train, so wish me luck finding clothes to fit my MASSIVE calves.

Q x

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