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Not getting ill!

As I start writing this latest blog post I am already regretting it as I may be tempting fate. My housemate said to me this morning ” I can’t believe you haven’t caught my bug”to anyone these words are not what you want to hear but for me who is self employed and who’s business runs solely on me being there each and everyday being ill is a no go area.


Thankfully I am very rarely ill, I obviously do get the odd cold and the odd day of feeling a bit run down but never ill ill (it is very hard to write this with my fingers crossed ). So why do people catch more bugs than other, is it circumstances i.e being around children (those things are walking bugs haha) or is it just some people are more prone to catching things than others (maybe weaker immune systems, diet, lack of exercise etc)

So this is what I do to keep healthy and sane:

  • I LOVE/NEED my Sleep, I try to get at least 8 hrs sleep each night. The nights I don’t I do feel the difference.
  • I am no saint with my diet, but I do try to eat a varied diet with plenty of veg, protein, nuts, not too many biscuits and alcohol!
  • I am an active person, when I am teaching I always walking around checking that everyone is ok and in the correct position. As well as practicing pilates I do a couple of crossfit classes a week so that really gets my heart pumping.
  • Get out and get some fresh air, even if its just a walk to the shops to get a paper, I will get out of the house and get some fresh air.

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