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Why Pilates is good for Everyone!

Did you know that Pilates was invented by a man ( Joseph Pilates, look him up) for men, yet many men see Pilates as something only women do. As we women can recognise a good thing when we see it we hijacked it. Im here to tell you that EVERYONE yes EVERYONE (thats you men) should be doing Pilates. 


Whether you are a runner, a swimmer, a Crossfitter, a mother, a father, a office worker, a teacher, a policemen, you will benefit from Pilates.

Runners need strong cores, hip stability, they need to stretch, all of these things they will get from Pilates.


Swimmers, it goes without saying those guys need strong cores. That then goes without saying Pilates will give you that.

Cross Fit, these guys do everything from running, lifting, swimming (did you see the 2015 games, yikes!) gymnastics, Pilates helps with strengthening the core (the power house as some teachers refer to it) this allows them to lift heavy and safely (along with good technique obviously), they also need good range of mobility, have you tried over head squatting I rest my case.  

Mothers/Fathers they do all of those things all day every day, children are active and keeping fit and healthy is a must to keep up with those little devils. Pilates especially helps mothers after pregnancy, the body has to adapt to so much change whilst pregnant sometimes causing some imbalances, pilates works on those imbalances trying to make sure that the left hand side is just as strong as the right.


Pilates is a total body work out and a low impact one at that. It not only works the body but it also works the brain and helps with stress, I will go into that another day. As I've said Pilates is for EVERYONE, all ages all abilities. I will say one thing tho, it takes times don't expect to come out after your first class and think this is amazing you need to give it time, you won't get the same feeling like you would after a cardio class the adrenaline will not be pumping, but give it time trust me its worth it. Within six weeks you will start seeing results, also you need to find the right teacher, everyone teaches differently and you need to bond and like your teacher otherwise it just doesn't work, so if after six weeks you still don't like try a different teacher ( trust me we do not get offended, I always say if you don't like my voice you are screwed as I talk all the way through the class, explaining what you should be doing, where you should feel it etc etc)

So whats stopping you, go on give it a go!






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