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Pilates Move of the Month Tabletop

pilates tabletop move 

This month in my classes I will be working on table top position, as I know a lot of people struggle to get themselves in the correct position and are using their legs instead of their stomach muscles to hold them there.


So here is a little breakdown to help you get more out of this great move…

Always get your starting position correct!

Every time you start a move, you need to make sure that you set yourself up correctly.

Firstly lie on back, knees bent.

Make sure feet are hip distance apart - bring your feet together take the toes to 10 to 2 position then lift the heels up and bringing them into alignment, allowing the knees to open up.

Neutral spine

This means hips pointing up to the ceiling with the natural curve of your spine, if you are not sure rock your pelvis backwards and forwards (tilting the hips towards the head then slowly tilt the hips towards the feet, making this move smaller and slower until the hips are pointing back towards the ceiling).

Switch on the core

Pubic Bone to Navel (stopping yourself from weeing mid flow) Navel to spine (trying to zip up a tight pair of jeans).

This is your setup and I want you to do this every time you are on your back

This will then lead onto:

Heel Slides
Heel Slides to Leg Lifts (using the core to lift that leg)
Table top, again engaging the core to keep you there, imaging you have a tray of drinks on your shins (I couldn't get into the position, take a picture and put glasses on there so you get my trainers instead)
Single Leg Toe Taps
Toe Taps into Leg Lengthen
Toe Taps into Leg Lengthen then Lift
Double Leg Toe Taps
Double Leg Toe Taps into Lift.

So as you can see - there is a lot to work on!

The most important thing is building this up slowly and you only move on to the next stage when you know you are doing the previous stage correct!





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