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6 Principles of Pilates

The Six Main Principles Of Pilates have been distilled by instructors over time from Joseph Pilates original work. 

Joseph Pilates developed his Pilates exercises while he was in a detention center during the First World War.

Here are the Six Main Pilates Principles.




Quinn Pilates Centering Six Principles


Centering- Bringing the attention to the center of the body, using the core (Referred to as the Pilates Powerhouse) will help all of your bodies muscles function and develop more efficiently.


2. Breathing

Breathe Quinn Pilates Six Principles 

Breath- Breathing correctly will not only help activate the correct muscles but will also help with stress relief.

3. Flow

Flow Quinn Pilates Six Principles

Flow- Each move should be performed with a flowing and graceful manner.

4. Concentration

Concentration Quinn Pilates Six Principles


Concentration- Focusing on each exercise and what you are wanting to achieve, what muscles you should be using and what should be relaxed will allow you get more out of each move.


5. Control

Control Quinn Pilates Six Principles

Control- Learning to perform a move with control will allow you to get more out of each move. Over time this will make each move harder and harder.

6. Precision

Quinn Pilates Six Principles Precision

Precision - Having self-awareness of your body and how it moves, will allow you to perform each move correctly. Correct form is essential to ensure you gain the most benefits out of each move.




Learning to perfect these Principles is hard but worth it.


As I say in my classes the longer you do Pilates the better you get the harder it becomes. 

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