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Pilates Mats

I have been scrolling through Amazon for Pilates Mats as it's that time of year when we get new members who ask for what Pilates Mat I would recommend. Also for those who are happy with their mats but need a little bit of extra support for their elbows or knees, I've found something for you to try.


What to look for when choosing a Pilates Mat.

  • Length and width - make sure your Pilates mat is longer and wider than you
  • Thickness - Ideally a Pilates mat should be about 15mm
  • None slip - you don't want to be in a Plank and the mat is stretching ( this may be the hardest point to find)


Here is a couple of Pilates Mats that I would try, Disclaimer I haven't bought any of these as the Pilates Mat I use is a Gaiam Premium Pilates Mat, but sadly I can't seem to find anywhere that stocks this in the UK anymore, unfortunately, you won't know until it comes if the mat stretches when you are doing Planks etc. That is a downside with thicker Pilates mats, for them to be thicker/spongey it sometimes means that they can stretch but that just means a slight readjusting of the hands, elbows or feet when performing some moves.


Quinn Pilates Thick Pilates Mat



Pellor Ultra Thick Pilates Mat with High-Density NBR Material Non-slip Surface and Moisture-Resistant. This Pellor Thick Pilates Mat has 82 reviews on Amazon giving it a 4.5-star rating. It also says it comes with its own bag. 

Measurements: 72" Long

                          24" Wide 

                        0.59" Thick



Quinn Pilates Thick Mats



TNP Accessories® Thick Cushioned Pilates Mat. This Thick TNP Pilates Mat comes in a variety of colours and has 746 customer reviews giving it also 4.5-star rating. You also get a carry strap wit this one. 


Measurements:  72" Long

                         24" Wide

                         0.62" Thick


For those who already have their mats but would like a little extra padding tp protect their elbows during the plank or if you have knee issues for when we are on all four, I found these. 

Quinn Pilates Thick Mats Elbow Support

KSS Eco Yoga Workout Support for Protecting Knee Wrist Elbow Pad (Pack of 2) at £7.99 I think these look a great little buy, could also be used as extra protection for the hips when lying on your side.


I hope you have found this helpful and like I say I haven't actually bought any of these so haven't seen them in the flesh but if I was going to order one for myself they seem to fit the bill for what I would want from my mat. If anyone does order one of these I hope they end up being as good as they sound.





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