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Pilates Move The Hundred.

The Hundred is a Pilates Move that really does make you work everything, it is often considered a warm-up exercise. The Hundred will challenge your abs and make you focus on your breathing (which some will find the most challenging part), it helps to circulate your blood to warm up the body in preparation for the exercises to follow.



Step by Step


  • Lie on your back and bring your knees into the chest.
  • Inhale Switch on the core. Pubic bone to navel, navel to spine, (drawing the belly into the mat).
  • As you Exhale, lift the head, shoulders, arms off the floor.
  • Inhale, Stretch your arms long by your side and reach forward until you feel the bottom of your shoulder blades sinking into the mat beneath you.
  • Exhale straighten your legs straight up to the ceiling.  Gently point the feet, squeezing the bum and thighs. You can lower the legs to the level that is suitable for you as long as you're maintaining pelvic stability.
  • Inhale pump the arms for 5 beats
  • Exhale turn the palms up and pump for 5 beats. Repeat this cycle 10 times or for 100 pumping motions.
  • End by lowering your head and bringing your knees into your chest before stretching yourself out into a full body stretch.


As always I will be giving you different options to build up strength and technique to make sure the correct form is maintained. 





You can start by working on the arms and the breathing first.


Quinn Pilates Hundred Start Postion Move


2/ Then when comfortable with the above, you can add the lifting of the head and shoulders.



Quinn Pilates Hundred Lifted Head


3/  You can then add the legs, bringing them into table top first.


Quinn Pilates Hundred Tabletop


4/ Then finally straighten the legs.


Quinn Pilates Hundred Straight Leg Move

Points to focus on.

  • Make sure you are folding forward from your upper back and not your neck, as you may strain your neck.
  • Maintain a flat back with your feet held at a height that allows this.
  • Keep thinking about pulling your belly into your spine.
  • Squeeze your bum and inner thighs.
  • Keep reaching forward with your arms, creating space between your ears and shoulders. Stretching the neck muscles and increasing the focus on the abdominals.
  • If you feel any strain on the neck bring the head to the floor.
  • If you feel any strain on the back, bend your knees.
  • Breathe!!!!!



Remember at any time you can come down a level, build this up slowly and always maintain pelvic stability. If you are feeling this in the neck or back you come down and rest.

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