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pilates north eastRachel's Pilates class has made a huge difference to me physically and emotionally. My abdominal strength has grown considerably, my arms and legs are toned and best of all I feel happier and more energetic than I have in a long time. Rachel's class is great fun and she's excellent at putting beginners at ease. I would recommend anyone wishing to make the first steps into a healthier lifestyle to go along to one of her classes. Rachel is also very good at pushing you that bit further even when you think you couldn't possibly - I always leave her class feeling like I've achieved more than I thought I could.

- Angela, (35)

I came to Pilates to find strength and movement reduced through arthritic hip joints and surgery to replace them. Bursitis in both legs was an added source of pain. My limitations shocked and disappointed me. I needed to find and build muscles, respond to them and have confidence to discriminate between what I could do and what I feared was not possible. Rachel supported my physical needs sensitively and encouragingly. Movements I had not made for decades are possible again. Rachel teaches very well. She links breathing with each demonstrated movement and its adaptations to accommodate our various needs and limitations. She sees and corrects our mistakes and the sessions are always light hearted and laced with humour. It is a fun way to improve your life. Highly recommend it.

Margaret, (63)

Mat pilates classesDoing Pilates with Rachel has really helped me to get my body back after having a c-section. Rachel checked my abs at the first session which is just as well as I had no idea how much of a gap I had. She kept an eye on me and made sure I was working hard but not pushing myself too much. She always gives a few options for each exercise so you can choose what to do based on your ability. Classes are relaxing, fun and informal and as a new mum it's therapeutic to have some time to yourself and to lie down on the floor for 45 mins! After a few weeks I could feel a difference. My little boy is now 6 months old, my abs feel strong again and I can touch the floor with my hands!

Anna, (33)

I joined Rachel's Monday morning class at Gosforth Parish Church, opposite South Gosforth Metro, a few years ago, soon after it started. I find the exercise beneficial and feel better for it. Rachel takes care that no one exceeds his/her limitations (as some of us are no spring chickens!). The class has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and there is a certain amount of friendly banter between teacher and students.

Marie B, (60+)

I have been doing Pilates for about 5 years. The last three years with Rachel. In my experience not all Pilate classes are the same. I particularly like Rachel's classes because:

pilates for all ages1) she always offers options depending on your ability so no matter your level or proficiency you never feel left out or inadequate.
2) she always offers helpful one on one advice if you are struggling or doing an exercise wrong ( even in busy classes she is remarkably observant).
3) she always demonstrates and explains what she is looking for from each exercise and its value.
4) nice combination of regular exercises you get to know ( if not always love) and new stuff.
5) the fun and informality of her approach maintained by her constant wit and entertaining banter.
6) they work - no serious back problems since starting her class.

I can honestly say I really miss the class if I'm not able to attend in any particular week. My daughter Beth often attends classes with me too and she completely agrees.

Mike, (60) & Beth (21)

I really enjoy my Pilates class with Rachel. She is so friendly and has time for everyone. As an older person it sometimes takes longer for me to grasp things but she is never impatient or patronising and is quick to give praise. She really cares that we do the exercises properly. As she says "A few done properly is better than hundreds done the wrong way; there is no benefit in that." We always leave with a smile and feel better for what we have achieved. It is a very friendly atmosphere which new people can fit into with ease.

Ann, (64)
Rachel quinn pilates newcastle

I love Rachel’s classes – always a great workout and good fun too. Rachel is an inspiring Pilates instructor who really knows her stuff. I make a 55 mile round trip every week to attend one of Rachel’s classes and the benefits of the class are most definitely worth the effort.

Carolyn, (60)

Pilates had been recommended to me by my Consultant following a review of my hip replacement surgery. I was apprehensive about starting Pilates as I didn’t know what to expect, but being in my mid-60s and feeling very “stiff” I decided to go for it. I am still the newest member of Rachel’s class at Fairways and it is still early days, but Rachel’s patience and experience has quickly enabled me to benefit from the exercises. She understands my limitations and alters exercises to suit my needs, and already I am feeling the benefits in my posture and flexibility.

Glenys, (60+)

I started Rachel's classes 4 years ago having been recommended by an osteopath to try Pilates to stabilise my 'dodgy" hip. I now have no trouble with the hip and as my core strength has improved, the occasional back pain I suffered with has also disappeared. Rachel classes are great for both beginners and long term devotees of Pilates as they are small enough to enable her to tailor each stretch or strengthening exercise to the ability of the participants. Rachel is very 'hands on' and walks around the class to ensure everyone is performing the moves correctly, offering alternatives to suit the individual where necessary. Her teaching style is relaxed and friendly but she's not afraid to 'push' you when she knows that you can go just that little bit further so you always feel you are progressing. If you are thinking of trying Pilates, come along to one of Rachel's classes and I guarantee you will be hooked!

Caroline C. (48)